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Have questions about our indoor or outdoor wedding venues?

Congratulations and thank you for your interest in Ceola Manor for your wedding reception. A wedding is a very exciting time for you and your family. We know that planning for a wedding can be stressful. We have 20 years of experience of providing excellent service to our guests during the most difficult points in this process. Our indoor and outdoor wedding venues are perfect for any style or guest list.

Listed below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question or concern that is not covered on this page,
we at Ceola Manor will help provide individual advice - contact us today.

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How much is the deposit and when is the next payment due? The deposit is usually $800.00 and is non-refundable. Your payment schedule is located on the first page of your contract. Though payment schedules vary, the next payment is typically due four months from the day you signed your contract, and then again four months from that date.
How do I make payments? Payments can be made by either cash or check. We do not accept credit cards. Your final payment is made by cash or certified/bank check only, the Tuesday prior to your wedding date.
What about discounts? Discounts are given once you have met your guaranteed minimum. Children 4 to 12 years old are ½ price. Children 3 and younger are free. Professionals are $20.00 less than the Adult price
What about food tasting? Ceola Manor proudly hosts tasting events. Reservations are limited to create an intimate and personal setting. It is highly recommended to make reservations as soon as possible to ensure that your party will be able to attend on a date that is most convenient for you. Please visit our website for our next tasting event.
When do I choose my menu, linen colors, wedding cake and receive my seating plan? This is completed 4 to 6 weeks prior to your wedding date at your finalizing appointment AND FOOD SELECTION AND LINEN COLORS ARE LOCKED IN ONE WEEK PRIOR TO YOUR WEDDING DATE! Place cards and seating plan will be provided at your finalizing appointment. Your wedding cake will be provided by Homestyle Desserts; this should be scheduled 6 weeks prior to your wedding date by calling them directly at (914) 737-4659.
When do I bring in my favors, toasting glasses, place cards etc...? Your favors, place cards and other collectibles should come no later than the Tuesday prior to your wedding day at what we term your drop off and final visit. They should be labeled with the bride’s name and date of the wedding. Your place cards should be folded and in alphabetical order. Any special instructions should also be noted. All extra favors, wedding gifts and flowers should be brought home the evening of the wedding. Ceola Manor is not liable for anything left past your wedding date.
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When is my final payment due? No later than the Tuesday prior to your wedding date. You should know your final count breakdown so we can give you a final bill. ADULTS_____  CHILDREN 4 - 12 YRS_____  UNDER 3_____  PROFESSIONALS_____.  Total______. The number of seats on your floor plan should accurately reflect your total number of guests as listed above. You should bring your completed floor plan and final payment (by cash or certified/bank check) to your final visit.
Can I have a ceremony rehearsal? You can rehearse your ceremony at an available date and time during the week. Ask your wedding coordinator for details.
Do you serve shots? Unfortunately, we have a no shot policy. Due to safe alcohol service, we are not permitted to serve shots on the bar at any time.
All of us at Ceola Manor sincerely hope your special day will be an elegant and wonderful experience with pleasant memories for years to come!
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